Ian Ginsburg: "The Mechanical Beetle" Image Gallery

Ian Ginsburg: "The Mechanical Beetle"

12.12.2017 - 11.02.2018

Curator: Maria Kalinina.

Osnova gallery presents the debut exhibition of the young Moscow-based artist Ian Ginsburg called «The Mechanical Beetle”. The author of the project has established himself as a researcher of various models of artistic production of the 20th century. His method of work is largely related to the nonconformist Joseph Ginzburg, whose pupil and heir he is. Jan Ginzburg studies the practice of remodernism in terms of the post-conceptual state of the art today. The artist’s figurative solutions, both in multi-dimensional installations and objects, are the results of his thorough work with various types of modern archives.

In the new project “The Mechanical Beetle” the idea of instability is rethought through the prism of the Moscow conceptualism movement. Unlike the Soviet practice, for which the existence of a communal structure was important, the art of Jan Ginzburg resides in an expanded social field. For the artist, there is no difference in working with a physical or digital medium, and therefore, the figurative solutions of installation in the gallery space “flicker” in a double exposure field. The project examines the post-Soviet state of capitalism in the absence of bipolar separation of the world. The image of the beetle becomes a link between the fine art of the past era and the new spirit of the immaterial production of our time.


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